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VHF Communications

Many models and variations to choose from.  Basic handheld units to GMDSS IMO SOLAS units.  Antennas and mounts from vessels to base units.  Cables and connectors



​Radar Systems

These can range from the new wireless radar for iPad to 50kW ocean going class units.  We carry many parts for equipment that is no longer manufactured.  Sometimes we may sell off old units for a bargain.




​Satellite Television Systems

We cover everything from dock and find to auto-tracking HD systems for 32+ room viewing.  We can find a system to fit any type of vessel.




HD Camera Systems

At times its for security and other times its for safety.  We have done systems with 20+ HD cameras at 1080P and no latency for winching and docking systems all the way to transmitting barge load watching cameras back to towing vessels over 1/4 mile away while at sea.


Engine Control Systems

We have been a major distributor for Kobelt for many years and have serviced vessels from California to Georgia and Mexico to New York.  Cable systems all the way out to custom DP ABS systems.



Class Vessels

Once your vessel reaches a certain size many requirements come in that can get costly and confusing to navigate.  Let us help you determine what you may need.  Large vessels have vast systems and problems are not something you want it to include.



Efficiency and Control Networks

Saving fuel and monitoring engine systems can save a huge amount through efficiency and necessary maintenance schedules.  Control systems can provide new switching interfaces never thought possible through electronics.



Satellite Communications

We cover many types of comms to provide your vessel with an open communication back to your office or family whether that be by phone or internet.  There is a system to fit everyone's budget. 

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