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About our company

Rhodes Electronic Services, Inc. was established in 1975 by "Dusty" and Sally Rhodes.  By hard work and true dedication to the industry they established themselves as a reliable, intelligent, and quality electronics service company known in the industry simply as Rhodes Electronics.  


Over the years of the many ups and downs throughout the industry we have seen many companies come and go.  Technology evolves and it takes extensive training to keep up so our customers can make the best decision on which route they may want or need to take.  That's where we take pride in helping each and every customer with there particular needs.


Now currently in its second generation being led by the three sons of Dusty and Sally.  Operating with the same hard work, loyalty, and dedication instilled in them.  Also new members have joined the team over the years and these qualities are not just simply virtues but are what make Rhodes Electronics run the way it does.


So next time you need service or new equipment, know that by hiring us, you get what all customers desire and deserve; quality, value, knowledge, reliability, and so much more.

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